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KOSKINAS S.A. is specialized in metal processing  and metal constructions.  

It was founded in 1952 by Nikolaos Koskinas, who was succeeded in 1966 by his son Yiannis Koskinas. In 2005 the management of the company was taken over by Nikos and Stella Koskinas.

KOSKINAS S.A. is a family business who aims in preserving and expanding a contemporary and flexible unit producing quality products certified by ISO 9001:2008.

The company processes and trades all sorts of steels, except from armature steel, and develops tailor made mechanical and architectural projects.

Nowadays, KOSKINAS S.A. is a major player in its field, aimed by the years of experience, the careful selection of suppliers, the constant investment in new machinery,  the investment in improving  human resources and  its dedication in quality products and satisfied clients.