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Establishment of the company by Nikolaos Koskinas with the main object of metal constructions and the processing of reinforced concrete steel.


Giannis Koskinas enters the company.

The activity focuses on metal structures and aluminum structures.

At the same time, the company begins to be active in the marketing and processing of sheets.


With the rapid growth in the construction sector, privately owned innovative for the season - facilities are created, facilities, 2500m2, which now houses the construction department of the company.


Relocation of the commercial department to a larger privately owned space and addition of new rolling machines.


As industrial activity moves out of the city center, new state-of-the-art facilities are being set up on Allied Street in Oreokastro.

All the rolling equipment is renewed with the most modern machines of the most famous companies abroad.

Nikos Koskinas enters the company.


The company is managed by Nikos Koskinas - civil engineer and Stella Koskina - economist.

In the coming years, the company modernizes its equipment, acquires export activity and constantly invests in the improvement, upgrading of its services.


Expansion of the building facilities and installation of new mechanical equipment.


Installation of fiber laser cutting machine and tubes.