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Mechanical Equipment

Koskinas SA has been the leader in introducing hydraulic shears and press breaks in the production process during the 70s. We offer a full range of intergraded services for sheet metal working (sheets and tubes).

  • Shears: We hold 4 shears with ability to cut from 0,10mm to 35mm.
  • Bending machines: With 2 CNC bending and forming press breaks and 2 manual, of  90,100, 160 and 250 tones we can bend metal sheets from 0,10mm to 14mm. Moreover there is the ability of angle cutting. With the existing mashinery, production process is automated and flexible eliminating failures.T

Typical products are door frames, gutters, steps, airways etc

  • Bending rolls: With 4 cylinders of different cross - sections and lenghts and a bender we can bend plates from diameter Φ80mm and 60mm thickness. Flat bars, beams, angles, tubes,  T-sectiions can be bent.

Typical products are tubes, parking protectors, handrails, etc

  • Cutting: Cutting with plasma and/or oxygen we have the ability to cut steel plates up to 200mm and stainless steel plates up to 20mm. Using propitious drawing programmes with the ability to read all known drawing formats (dxf, dwg, etc) nesting secures economy in the production process. Butts of straps and  flanges are cosidered typical products.
  • Other services: Metal sheet drilling machines, beam punching machines,  hydraulic presses and welding machines (wires, electrodes TIK) are also available.